Black Brunch Tacoma

Today, I participated in a demonstration called Black Brunch Tacoma. This is a form of direct action that started in Oakland, CA, last year and is about “reclaiming a space and demanding that Black voices cease to be ignored.”

I joined about 7 others and we hit up a few places on 6th Ave. We were in and out of each place in about 5 minutes. It is amazing the responses you will get when people believe, with everything they have, that they have more of a right than you to be in a certain space.

As we spoke of honoring our brothers and sisters, we were met with looks of compassion and some of curiosity, but the looks I want to highlight were the ones fueled by hate.

At Legendary Doughnuts, there was a man who grew angry with his children for paying more attention to us than their doughnuts. Not only was he using harsh tones trying to get them to focus on their sweets, but he began shouting at us, “That’s enough!” In the time it took him to get so riled up, we were already headed out the door.

We then went to another establishment, Dirty Oscar’s Annex (DOA), where the staff tried to drown us out with music and patrons shouted obscenities and told us to leave–and that’s the abridged version. Again, these people turned to their anger and hatred in just minutes. For some it only took seconds.

About to walk into DOA.
On our way to DOA.

You may wonder why I chose to point out these negatives, instead of focusing on the good things that happened throughout. And it’s because people think this stuff doesn’t happen, that these racist ideologies no longer run pervasively through our sweet, progressive Tacoma.

Until more people start to stand up and call others out on their racism things cannot, will not, get better, and Tacoma cannot be the progressive city people like to boast about. It doesn’t matter how many people clap for us as we leave, if they won’t acknowledge there’s a problem then the problem can’t be addressed; if White Guy Bill isn’t willing to step in and tell White Guy Bob, “Enough,” then the problem isn’t going to get any better. If POC Lisa and POC Jane sit around with their hands in their laps and their voices mute while all POC are being killed and harassed, how does the problem get solved?

Today only reaffirmed that my voice must stay loud even when it wavers. There is a purpose to my fight, our fight, and I will continue to plant my feet and state that Black lives matter no matter who tries shouting over me.

This is only the beginning. Ignorance won’t stop us. Hate won’t stop us. Rain won’t stop us. We’ll be back out brunching again soon, Tacoma.

**Video clips are posted below; click here for more from today’s #blackbrunch.**


Legendary Doughnuts:

Dirty Oscars Annex (DOA):

Bluebeard Coffee:


  1. As an employee of Bluebeard coffee, I would like to extend my personal gratitude for your moving demonstration. It is heartbreaking but not entirely surprising to hear that you had volatile reception in other spaces, however my coworkers and I were moved and inspired by your bold action. We heard you, and we hope that you feel our love and alliance.

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    1. Hi, Zoe! Our demonstration at Bluebeard was such a great experience. I was talking about it this evening with one of the other participants and we were saying how emotional we both got during that one because it was such a stark difference from DOA. It was the most attentive any group of people had been all morning, and we all appreciated it quite a bit.

      Thank you for reaching out and for your support, I hope to have more experiences like the one we had at Bluebeard. Please pass on my gratitude to your co-workers. And though I don’t drink coffee, I’ll try to stop by for a drink of some kind in the near future.


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