COLORED: An Unexpected Family Reunion

From the outside, the Carpenters Building looks dreary and unloved — like its been long forgotten in the bustle of Tacoma’s never ending coming-of-age story. With dated paint and cloudy (or covered) windows, the building is easy to miss in the grit of the city The site became a source of intrigue, though, when the word “COLORED” […]

Deferred Dreams

As a young girl, I was always dreaming of what I would be when I grew up–an actor, a teacher, a writer, a tap-dancing waitress (yes, really). When we are young, we are often filled with ambitious desires and an innocence that allows us to believe we can achieve them all. The reality is, life has […]

I Was Drugged, Abducted, and Raped, and Tacoma Police Did Nothing to Help

//TW// Early in the hours of March 6, 2011, a Tacoma Police officer (whose name, I later learned, is Steven Storwick) arrived at the front door of my Hilltop home. Not too long before, I had escaped an apartment where I’d been taken after being drugged by two men at a local bar. The officer, with […]